Terms and Conditions

Term And Conditions For The Hire Of Football Pitches

    1. Individual and Co-ordinator:

Any group or individual acting on behalf of a team wishing to hire a pitch for a game or block booking arrangement must provide details of the name, address, telephone number or e mail address of the individual person or co-ordinator responsible for the members of the team or club and acting on their behalf.

  1. Charges and payments:

 (a) Invoice:

Invoice raised for hiring a football pitch at the time of booking will include details of the initial charge, date, time, the venue of the pitch and number of sessions booked.

 (b) Payments:

All bookings must be paid in advance at the time of booking either by Tigopesa, Airtel Money, Vodacom Mpesa, Ezypesa, Halopesa, TPesa, Credit card payment to our Third Party online payment solution which is provided on this platform

(c) Block bookings: Bookings for 10 or more sessions will qualify your team for auto renewal (this means this slot will be held for you untill you tell us you cannot have it- i.e you get first refusal). If we have chased you via email and phone to renew and no answer is forthcoming your slot will be lost.

  1. Use of pitches and code of conduct:

(a) The Hirer shall only use the allocated pitch as per the schedule on the invoice. The sub-let of pitches or facilities is not permitted. The pitches shall not be used for any purpose other than football.

(b) The team should bring their own gear for the game – flag posts or any other equipment is supplied. No storage facilities are available at the site. No metal studs to be worn on any pitches.                

(c) Warm ups: At no time should players enter the pitch prior to their scheduled time or interfere with the game that is in progress.

(d) At the end of your session please ensure that all the litter, empty bottles, cans of drink, fruit peel etc are picked up from and around the hired pitch and on the playing surface. Please place all litter in the litter bins that are provided around the site.


Hirers are reminded that the facilities are situated on school/educational campus or positioned in residential area. All individuals must conform to any regulations in force, with respect to the site and comply with any instructions they may receive from staff appointed.

Please ensure that facilities are used correctly and individuals do not use foul or abusive language whilst playing. Please respect the neighbours and keep noise levels down to a minimum, again, avoiding foul and abusive language on the pitch, staff appointed or locals.

Persistent offenders will have their booking cancelled with no refunds given.

  1. Health and safety:

(a) No alcohol shall be brought or consumed in any part of the recreation ground or on pitches. No smoking is allowed on the premises or on pitches.

(b) In event of an accident or injury the Hirer or co-ordinator should contact the emergency services.

  1. Cancellation and refunds

The Hirer may relinquish the right to use the allocated pitch at any time on presentation of written notice at least 2 days before commencement of any game. No refund can be made in respect to block bookings once a payment is made. Individual bookings can receive a credit if 2 weeks’ notice provided but no refund.

  1. Termination

(a) Legend Sports and its affiliates reserve the right to cancel or amend or withdraw the use a pre-booked/hired pitch or venue at any time by giving notice to the Hirer or Co-ordinator of the team.

(b) Legend Sports will not be liable to the Hirer or the Co-ordinator in respect of expenses, costs or losses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of the termination.

  1. Renewal policy

If you wish to renew your booking or block booking allow at least two weeks before it expires. All booking must be paid in advance. We would endeavour to offer the same venue/pitch if possible but this cannot be guaranteed. We would suggest a suitable alternative.

  1. Liability

The Hirer or Co-ordinator is responsible for all loss, damage and claims arising out of this agreement.

(a). Legend Sports accepts no responsibility for any personal injury, accidents, damage to or loss of property or belongings sustained by individuals or members of the club or any other person arising as a consequence of hiring or use of the pitch.

(b) The Club or Hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the pitch or facility by their own members or by members of the club against whom they are playing. Details of any damage and the cost will be emailed to the co-ordinator. You, the co-ordinator will be charged and agree to pay for the damage in full.

  1. Changing facilities

Changing facilities are not provided or available at all venues Where these facilities are provided please ensure that it is left in clean and tidy state. You, will liable to pay for any damage caused.

  1. Car Parking

Park your cars in designated areas provided. Do not double park or block others. No bikes are permitted on any pitches – please lock your bike. We do not take any responsibility for damage to vehicles or loss and theft of valuables from the vehicles. (not all venues have parking)

By making payment via Mobile Money Transfer, credit card or debit card you agree to all the terms and conditions stated herein.